Saturday, August 8, 2009

Playing with Fire

I am often feeling a little 'out of step' at a barbecue. I don't drink, I am not super into classic rock, even when wonderfully played by talented musicians, I don't smoke, and I am a vegan. I am the guy lighting straws on fire or scribbling on the tablecloth waiting for something interesting to happen. Maybe reading a book waiting for a concert to start. Could even be trying to start conversations about the intricate details of someone's vocation when they just want to bullshit.

I recently gave a short lecture on my work at SIGGRAPH - and someone in my small audience asked me if I thought my current work would be satisfying for very long. Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but there have to be other things in the mix right?

It rained like hell today, and we were pretty sure this mega party in and at the Mecca of backyard BBQs (Clarkston, MI) would be a bust. I swung some kids around by their arms, got tired and dizzy, and the dog was locked up and unable to come out and I figured I would start the research for my next piece in a small bonfire that started about 9 o'clock. This is research draft 1 (set to the hauntingly beautiful music of Paolo Nutini - "Candy")

Thank you so much Shelly!

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