Sunday, February 21, 2010


Thank you Joe, Heather, Peter, Deb and company for having me at MassArt.
  • SNAG conference Houston Extreme Media Lounge Call for Content. If you have, or can quickly create, dynamic media (video etc) that highlights you, your work, your process, or some creative capacity that doesn't fit into those bounds - enter this (free) competition.
Links/products/resources I talked about (or meant to) or which will be useful to those interested in following up:
  • Courtney Starrett (The artist who taught me the silicone slip casting technique I demonstrated)
  • Amazing Materials Research center in NYC with awesome (not free) online database - (someone should email them about a free trial for the dept/school if you're library/another program isn't already subscribing on your behalf) - Material Connexion
  • Pneumatic Cartridge Injection Gun and Supplies
    8880096 Pneumatic Cartridge Gun 12 ounce 100 PSI
    (12-24quantity) 8880020 Cartridge 12 ounce HDPE With Plunger
    8880068 4" X 1/16" Orifice 50
  • My casting urethane ingots and carving a pendant demo - photos
  • The slides exported from my lecture
  • My multimedia/video clips/projects
  • The catalog pages from my sabbatical exhibition
  • Images of the Rhino surfaces demo model we worked on
  • SmoothOn Crystal Clear - high quality, optically clear, polishable plastic (heat cured 220/1 PDF/instructions)
  • Link to photos of the production of a large pendant using Crystal Clear
  • My Rapid Prototyping sample library
  • Shapeways (If you don't need speed, or the ability to return something if it's not perfect, and your files are perfect this is the cheapest RP service bureau for most things. Especially ProMetal - this is the only affordable way to do very small parts)
  • ProtoCam (Another excellent service bureau in PA)
  • eMachineshop (Just go there, download it, try it. The CAD interface is a little tricky to import and figure out - but there is no other service like it. Essentially it is a way to take basic design information (2D lines) and test drive its production in a ridiculous number of materials and processes at the click(s) of (a) button(s).
  • Ponoko (online LASER cutting service/shop specializing in organic materials)
  • SuperiorCutting (Holland, MI based LASER cutting service that does an excellent job on metal parts and has NO minimums. Note: they require high integrity .dwg files - open and check in Rhino etc for excessive points etc. My recommendation is to email the file to Randy and then call the next day to make sure they got it/all is well etc and give him you CC number over the phone. They are awesome, but not super fast on customer service etc)
  • (the 3D printing, CNC machining, LASER cutting, vinyl cutting, 3D scanning and various other tech laboratory at Kendall. There are a few pages of links and other information you may find useful. It's not kept up as well as it should be.)
  • (The simplest, fastest, and IMHO best rendering platform for object designers - free trial and $99/yr student license. OSX capable!)
  • Vacucoat - (Vacuum Metalizing service bureau in Detroit area - send a gang of parts as a group and you just may get them for free! Need to send them a stable, primed, smooth part
  • Moment of Inspiration - a Rhino compatible 3D modeler that is drawing tablet aware, gets a lot of the visual clutter out of the way, etc.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer at MSC - search strippable coatings or here
  • Video clips I showed:
    Modern Marvels Plastics
    SME Rapid Prototyping
    SME Plastics Finishing/Vacuum Metallizing
    Eames Topology and Fiberglass Chairs (Films of Charles and Ray Eames)
    How It's Made Plastic Cups and Flatware

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  1. Hi everyone, Phil, love your work, has been a catalyst with my own preparation.

    What is your influences?

    I see a mirror of holography.

    As a hairdresser, especially adore your brush, and was a catalyst of an amazing dream that took place in a transparent room in outer space with more transparent containers that each showed of different blowdryers, one in particular that was like an old-school Nintendo PowerGlove that collaborates with the users personality. There were thousands.

    Surely your very busy. Want to know your thoughts on a game controller for my Yoiddy theme park.

    ANyways thanks again and look forward to hearing your story.